Box Office weekend predictions July 31-33

This weekend Hollywood follows through with their usual line up: an action blockbuster on its fifth sequel and an original comedy that turns out to be… unoriginal. Lets start out with the big fish, MI5: Rogue Nation. Though Mission Impossible is considered a box office blockbuster, lets not forget the biggest opening of the entire series is 57 million leading to the highest gross of the franchise to be 215 million. However Rogue Nation does have many things going for it. The last movie in the franchise made a substantial amount more than its predecessor while also being not as front loaded. This suggests that audience enjoyed MI4, so we can assume the majority of those people will be looking to see Mission Impossible 5. Some sites probably will state that Cruise is no longer a box office draw (but was he ever really). But with this franchise it is no doubt he is the main attraction as he performs all stunts himself. This is a very old franchise on its fifth installment and according to its reviews it is in its prime. The movie has moved from a spy action thriller to a spectacle known for its outrageous stunts. I believe that this movie will continue to grow in box office receipts and a very positive 92% on rotten tomatoes should translate to a $49 million opening. The biggest in the franchise.

In second we have vacation a comedy that tries to be an original concept but these R rated comedies are slowly fading as society is getting tired of the same thing over and over again. Sex tape, Ted 2, and Spy are all examples of this trend. The poor reviews also suggest a lackluster opening and I wouldn’t be surprised if it would open to less than 15 million at 14 million for the weekend.

The holdovers of note for this weekend include Ant Man, Pixels, and Southpaw.

Antman will continue to hold well at 14 million.

Pixels will drop off the map at 9 million.

Finally Southpaw will drop to a fine 8.5 million.

Box Office weekend predictions July 31-33

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